Friday Faves

So every Friday I’m going to do a post on one of my favorite products. It’ll be sort of a review of a new product every Friday! Well at least I hope every Friday…. 😉 For my first “Friday Faves” post, I am going to show you guys my favorite self tanning products! I couldn’t decide on one, so I decided to include both! I do like one of the products better than the other, but they are both great! Hopefully you’ll try one or both products after reading my post!

James Reed Bronzing Mousse

The first product I want to mention is the James Reed Bronzing Mousse. I purchased this product about six months ago, and have gone through 2 bottles. I don’t usually repurchase an item unless I really, really like it. It’s $38 for 6.7 fl oz and you can purchase it at Sephora.

Application: This product is a Mousse formula and should be applied with a tanning mitt. Tanning mitts are generally pretty cheap. I got mine from Sephora for $6. For the best results with any tanning product, I recommend starting with clean, shaven and exfoliated legs. To apply this product, start by pumping a medium-sized amount onto your mitt. Rub onto your skin in a circular motion, img_2453making sure the product gets distributed evenly. Once you get the Mousse distributed evenly and get it how you want it, let it dry. I like to leave mine on over night, and rinse in the morning. After you rinse, you should be left with a natural looking tan!

Pros: This product always comes out looking really natural and even. I’ve never had a problem with streakiness or looking orange. Also, aside from having to rinse in the morning, the application is relatively simple and only takes about 20 minutes.

Cons: Although this product provides a really natural looking tan, it only last about a day. You can’t really build this product up for more coverage or a darker color. Also, you can smell the DHA pretty heavily which I’m not a fan of. Lastly, I hate having to rinse it off in the morning. But, over all this product is good and I would recommend!

Senegence Self Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk

This product is by far my all time favorite Self Tanning product. This product is a bit on the spendy side… but it’s totally worth it. For a 4 fl oz bottle it’s $50. I know, not super cheap, but the results are worth it. If you end up wanting to purchase some of this you’ll have to go through an individual Senegence distributor. You can find my distributor on instagram under the handle @smearfreelipstick.

Application: The application for this product is one of the reasons I love it so much. It’s so simple! All you do is spray the product pretty liberally wherever you want a golden tan and rub in like lotion. Let the product dry and your done! I don’t recommend using a mitt with this so make sure you wash your hands right after you’re finished. So really all you do is spray, rub, and let it dry!

Pros: The application for this product is so, so simple. It’s just like applying lotion. The next thing I love is the smell. It smells so good. Li
ke coconuts! Also, this product is layerable and lasts longer than a day. If you keep layer the product every few days, it can last all week!

Cons: Although this is such a good product, $50 isn’t the most cost worthy price.

So there are my two favorite self tanning products! I hope you decide to give these a try! If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts about them. Like I said, if you want to try the Senegence Coconut Bronzing Milk, find @smearfreelipstick on instagram! Let me know any other products you love or want me to review!

xoxo, Abby



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