Jeffree Star Skin Frost Review

If you keep up with makeup trends even remotely, then you definitely know highlighting has been a huge trend. After reading countless reviews and watching tons of swatch videos, I decided to purchase a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Highlighter. I decided to go with the color “Princess Cut”, a soft pink. I purchased my highlighter in December, so I’ve had it for a few months. And to say the least, I’m not impressed. Now, this post is totally not about bagging on Jeffree Star or his product. I’m Just giving my opinion, and why it didn’t work for frost

When I first opened this highlighter and gave it a smear with my finger, I was extremely impressed and could not wait to use it on my face. The swatch that came off on my finger was so glittery and illuminating, I thought I had just found my new Holy Grail highlighter. But, when the time came to actually use it on my face, it  showed up as a very faint, glittery gleam. It didn’t look like the same product. I had used it with a brush that time and thought that maybe it would look better if I smudged it on with my finger. But, nope. There still was no glow. The pressed powder feels more like a baked shadow or blush. It’s extremely hard to get any product to show up, and you have to almost dig into it to get it to transfer onto the brush. Also, aside from it being extremely difficult to get it to show up, it looks so, so cakey on your cheeks. Maybe my skin was just too dry, but it magnified my pores like no other! And for $30, I was hoping to really love this product. But, oh well. If you decide to purchase this and give it a try, let me know if it works better for you. However, if you’re on the fence about buying this, I would recommend saving your money.

xoxo, Abby








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Hey there! I'm Abby. I'm just a blonde girl, with a blog, from a small town. I LOVE fashion and beauty and getting ready. And I am a firm believer in using clothing and makeup to highlight your best features, not mask them. I grew up dancing at a studio and on a team, and now I can't stop! (Thanks Mom). I love getting ready in the mornings and I love dressing to make myself feel good. It gives a certain sense of confidence that I love. I've started this blog with the intentions of sharing all my favorite things style and beauty with the hopes you'll love them too. I also want this blog to help other girls find what gives them confidence. Because there is nothing better than seeing a woman who KNOWS she looks good. Thanks for giving Girl With The Golden Locks a read! xoxo, abby

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