Let’s Talk Lashes

Okay, quick story time: So, a few weeks ago I was just getting ready for the day doing my usual thing. I had finished my face and eye shadow, and was ready to curl my lashes and apply mascara. I love curling my lashes and do it religiously ever morning. Even if I”m not going to wear mascara or makeup that day, I just think it adds a little something to your eyes/lashes. Well anyways, long story short, I had a little incident with the lash curler and now my eyelashes look like they just got a chop from SuperCuts. And of course because it was me, it had to be really noticeable and there was nothing I could do about it. So, since mascara made it worse, I resorted to falsies. I’ve been wearing false lashes everyday for two weeks, and now I have a whole new knowledge about false lashes! I have a better understanding of what I do like and don’t like, and also what the difference a good lash + a good glue can do! In this post, I’ll show you my favorite lashes and glues and what to look for in lashes.


First of all, my all time favorite lashes are The Eylure Vegas Nay Vegas any grand glamourGrand Glamour False Lashes. These lashes have a thicker lash band, which makes them very sturdy and easy to apply. These are quite dramatic eyelashes, but they look like you just got a fresh fill of eyelash extensions. I really like wearing these lashes with both a really dramatic look, and also with just foundation. These lashes make any look really put together. Oh, and the best part: you can get them at Target for $8! I really love all of the Eylure + Vegas Nay eyelashes on the collection. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. So, if you can’t find these exact ones but want to try this collection, any of the lashes in this collection will be great!

Next, House of Lashes makes great lashes, for pretty affordable. My top threeknockout-lashes-hol.jpg are Noir FairyBoudoir, and (my favorite)Knockout. I believe all 3 pairs that were mentioned from House of Lashes are $12, which isn’t bad since you can get quite a few wears out of them if you take good care of them!

My next favorite pair of lashes are absolutely gorgeous, but they cost much more than I like paying for false lashes. They are the Vixen Lashes Gizelle. These lashes are so gorgeous and natural looking while packing a punch. They are 100% cruelty free mink fur. But of course because they are 100% mink fur, and they are such great quality, they come with a price tag of $42. I think having one pair of really nice lashes for special occasions is totally fine, but i can’t justify paying $42 for a pair of lashes on a regular basis. No matter how pretty they are.

Last, but not leastpeony blooming lash are the Peony Blooming Lash by Kiss. These lashes are my
go to when I want something really natural looking. They are so light weight, and so natural. Plus, they’re only about five bucks. I really like all the lashes in the Kiss Blooming lash collection. They are all very natural and light weight. Great lashes for everyday wear.


I usually prefer dark glue opposed to clear glue, but I really like the Eylure Clear Lash Fix. Eylure is a company based in the UK, but on their website this lash glue comes out to about $3.25 or so. This glue dries clear and is very reasonably priced.

Next, I’ve been liking the HOL Dark Adhesive. This latex free glue gives good hold and dries black. I like this on lashes with a thinner band because it gives an “eyeliner” effect. This glue comes in a tube with a brush so you can “paint” it on. A bottle of this glue retails for $8 on the house of lashes website.


  • Trim your lashes! I used to always skip this step. But let me tell ya, it makes all the difference! Eyelashes are so much easier to wear when they aren’t poking you in the eyeball. 😉
  • Let your glue dry. Letting your glue dry for 30 seconds seems like a long time. But his will allow your glue to get tacky, and it will be so much easy to apply. So let your glue dry longer than you think. Then wait five more seconds. 😉
  • Curl your natural eyelashes before hand. I have very straight eyelashes. If I don’t curl them before I apply my false lashes, my natural eyelashes tend to stick straight out and not blend with my false lashes at all!
  • Do a coat of mascara on our natural lashes before you apply you false lashes, then do a very light coat after you have applied your false lashes. The first coat will give your natural lashes some structure, and the second will blend them in to your false lashes.
  • While your glue is drying, wiggle your lashes back and forth between your fingers to make a “U” shape. This will help your glue set up in a curve, and mimic the roundness of your eyelid.

I hope you check out my favorite lashes! Let me know if you have any faves I need to have!

xoxo, Abby


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Hey there! I'm Abby. I'm just a blonde girl, with a blog, from a small town. I LOVE fashion and beauty and getting ready. And I am a firm believer in using clothing and makeup to highlight your best features, not mask them. I grew up dancing at a studio and on a team, and now I can't stop! (Thanks Mom). I love getting ready in the mornings and I love dressing to make myself feel good. It gives a certain sense of confidence that I love. I've started this blog with the intentions of sharing all my favorite things style and beauty with the hopes you'll love them too. I also want this blog to help other girls find what gives them confidence. Because there is nothing better than seeing a woman who KNOWS she looks good. Thanks for giving Girl With The Golden Locks a read! xoxo, abby

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