Short Hair Favorites

Hey Babes! So I recently decided to take the plunge and CHOP my hair off! And by chop I mean a whole ten inches. Every year when spring rolls around I can’t help but get the urge to chop it all off. Some people get baby hungry in the spring, I just get short hair envy. And I finally did it! Now this was pretty big for me, and I am SO happy I did it. I’m loving the short hair and all the new things I can do with it. My hair routine has changed quite a bit, and I plan on having a little mini tutorial on my go to look with my short hair, but for now I’m just going to share my favorite products!

  1. The first product I’m sharing is my holy-grail dry shampoo. This stuff is a miracle. It’s the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. I go 3-4 days between washing my hair, so by that 3rd and 4th day dry shampoo is my bff. I’ve tried a TON of dry shampoos and none of  them make my hair feel as light and clean as this one. This dry shampoo is $22 for a 4oz bottle, which is on the pricier side. But let me tell you, it is totally worth it. This dry shampoo is so light on your hair and it doesn’t have an overpowering white cast. Plus, it smells great!
  2. I’m all about the effortless, messy hair now that I’ve got short hair. A texturizing powder is a necessity in my hair routine now. I didn’t know I needed it! But, since I’ve started using one, I can’t not use it! I’ve been loving the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Texture Powder. I just sprinkle a little bit of this in at my roots and scrunch the tiniest amount throughout the body of my curls.
  3. This next product has been one of my faves for years now. My hair doesn’t hold curl too great on it’s own, so I always use a finishing spray. But, I cannot stand the sticky or crunchy texture most hairsprays leave behind. And this is why the Kenra Perfect Medium 13 Spray is SO GOOD. You can still totally brush through your curls after using this hairspray, no crunchy helmet feeling, AND it smells good. It’s the bomb. Go get some right now.
  4. I recently started using the Sebastian Microweb Fiber and it is seriously one of the coolest hair products I’ve ever tried. So this product is basically a texturizing pomade, but it has these awesome silky web fibers in it. Using this product takes  a bit of a learning curve at first but one you get the hang of it, you won’t ever stop using it. I like to use the little falling fibers on my fly away hairs, then what is left inmy palms I scrunch throughout my curls. This helps give awesome texture and good (controlled) chaos to my hair. I love this product and I highly recommend trying it.
  5. The last product I have to share is the Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing spray. I’e loved this product for years now, and have used it with both long and short hair! I like to spray this into may hair while wet and sleep on it or let it air dry. This helps give your hair awesome body and volume. Another thing I like to do is spray this on freshly curled hair and give it a scrunch! So easy and effortless!

These are my current hair routine favorites! I hope to have a post up soon about my routine and a short tutorial on how I achieve my everyday curls! Let me know what your favorite hair products are so I can give them a try!

xoxo, A



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Hey there! I'm Abby. I'm just a blonde girl, with a blog, from a small town. I LOVE fashion and beauty and getting ready. And I am a firm believer in using clothing and makeup to highlight your best features, not mask them. I grew up dancing at a studio and on a team, and now I can't stop! (Thanks Mom). I love getting ready in the mornings and I love dressing to make myself feel good. It gives a certain sense of confidence that I love. I've started this blog with the intentions of sharing all my favorite things style and beauty with the hopes you'll love them too. I also want this blog to help other girls find what gives them confidence. Because there is nothing better than seeing a woman who KNOWS she looks good. Thanks for giving Girl With The Golden Locks a read! xoxo, abby

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  1. Love your post and totally get that desire to chop off hair. I had to throw away my hair scissors after a mojor chop last year – slowly, slowly growing it a bit longer – shoulder length is good, with the help of extensions occasionally.

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