The $8 Must Have Tee

Hey babes! The school year has just ended and life has been CRAZY! But, one more year of high school under my belt! 3 down, 1 to go WOOHOO! Since life is so crazy and I could barely find time to sit down and write this post, I’M going to keep it short and simple!

I’ve recently found the newest piece of clothing you need in your closet. It’s 8 bucks, super comfy, way cute, and it’s from Target (my favorite!). It’s the Women’s Softest V Neck Tee. I’m the kind of person that when I find something I love, I have to get it in every color and style it comes in because I know I’ll get good wear out of it. This top comes in V Neck, Scoop neck, and Crew Neck styles. I have all three styles in every color they come in. Not Kidding. They’re seriously the softest, stretchiest material and they are SO versatile. AND THEY’RE ONLY $8! Run to your nearest Target right now because you need one. Now, you don’t need to be as excessive like me and get it in every color, but you do need to get at least one! You won’t regret it. These tops are perfect for summer because they’re so easy to trow on over a swimming suit, but you could also easily dress them up at night with a skirt! These tops are essential!

*pictures are not mine

Okay ladies. Go to Target and grab a bunch of these shirts because they’re great. P.S. I think they’re on sale for $5 right now so run fast!


Thanks for reading! xoxo, A



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Hey there! I'm Abby. I'm just a blonde girl, with a blog, from a small town. I LOVE fashion and beauty and getting ready. And I am a firm believer in using clothing and makeup to highlight your best features, not mask them. I grew up dancing at a studio and on a team, and now I can't stop! (Thanks Mom). I love getting ready in the mornings and I love dressing to make myself feel good. It gives a certain sense of confidence that I love. I've started this blog with the intentions of sharing all my favorite things style and beauty with the hopes you'll love them too. I also want this blog to help other girls find what gives them confidence. Because there is nothing better than seeing a woman who KNOWS she looks good. Thanks for giving Girl With The Golden Locks a read! xoxo, abby

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