Kristin Ess: Budget Friendly Holy Grail Hair Care

On my last trip to Target I picked up some products from their new collaboration with hair goddess, Kristin Ess. Kristin Ess is known for her incredible messy waves (I promise you’ve pinned her work on Pinterest) and her star studded clientele: Lucy Hale & Lauren Conrad just to name a few. I didn’t purchase every item from her new line, mostly because they were out of stock. But I can definitely say that I will be grabbing more as soon as I can.IMG_0819

Ess’s new line is color coded to help you know when to use each product:

  • Pink – Used in the shower.
  • White – Used right out of the shower, on wet hair.
  • Grey – Used on damp, towel dried hair.
  • Black – Used on dry hair. Clean or dirty.

I was originally drawn to the products used on dry hair or the black bottles. This collection includes a dry shampoo, texturizing powder, texture spray, pomade, finishing spray and beach wave spray. I really love messy waves, and with my short(er) hair I love creating textured, undone looks. I have fine hair but I’ve got a TON of it. I use a dry shampoo, texturizing powder, and texture spray on the daily. I also use heat on my hair much more than I should. So, I tried those items from this collection first. SPOILER ALERT: I definitely went back for more. Here is a review off all the products I tried from the Kristin Ess X Target hair care collection:

Photo isn’t mine…Isn’t Kristin’s work UHHHMAZING?!

Style Reviving Dry Shampoo ($14)

I generally wash my hair only about two times a week at most. So I basically live on dry shampoo on those days in between showers. My all time favorite dry shampoo is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. It is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried. It’s also a quite pricey one. So, when I found this stuff at $14 I was down to try it. This dry shampoo deposits a LOT of powder into your hair, so it does a great job soaking up oil. But it can be a bit hard to camouflage if you spray too much. And that’s coming from a blonde. But, after a few brush throughs, my hair looks good as new and ready to go. I really do love this dry shampooing I’ll be using it as a back up option, but I’m still in love with my tried and true Living Proof Dry shampoo. If you’re looking for a cheap and GOOD dry shampoo, definitely give this one a go.

Dry Finish Working Texture Spray ($14) 

I’ve got fine hair that some times tends to look a little limp. Especially when it isn’t air dried. So, when I need a little bit of mess and life, I give my roots and curls a light spray of this and all is good again. I was highly, highly impressed with this spray and the way it made my hair feel. It gives body and texture without becoming grimy or sticky. This is one of the products I loved most from the entire collection. It gives texture AND hold.

Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray ($14)

Most beach wave sprays go on when hair is wet, but this one is used after you’ve waved your hair to give it separation and shine! This spray really does give a beauty look without the crunchy texture. It gives great separation while adding shine, but doesn’t make your hair look greasy! This stuff is a dream! But, if it came down to this and the texture spray, I would keep the texture spray… This spray is awesome, but for my fine hair I like the texture spray! I would highly recommend this to some one  with coarse hair!

Signature Finishing Spray ($14)

I’ve already got a holy grail hairspray that I love, Kenra 13, so I wasn’t going to be too upset if I didn’t love this finishing spray. Kristin explains this as a light, layer-able hairspray. One layer for a light daytime hold, and a second one for strong all night support. I like to used this for updo’s mostly because it does give a really strong. Although I have used it on curls and it doesn’t weigh down my hair which is nice! But, it wasn’t as free flowing/brush-able as my favorite Kenra one! This finishing spray is good for the price, and I recommend it for making sleek updo’s!

Thickening Spray ($14)

As I said before, I have fine hair. But I do have a ton of it so I wasn’t originally drawn to a thickening product. After doing a bit of research though, I found out it’s supposed to make your blowouts look Grammy worthy! I could never master an at home blowout but this stuff changed that! I was left with shiny and voluminous hair after blowdrying. I don’t have the time to blow-dry my hair every day, so when I can’t I just spray this on damp hair before I go to bed instead. I wake up with voluminous hair with incredible shine. This spray really adds dimension to straight hair!

Instant Lift Working Serum ($14)

I shower at night 98% of the time. Going to bed on wet hair can make for some interesting results when you wake up. I like to smooth a little bit of this onto the ends of my hair while it’s wet, right before I go to bed. Although I still have some interesting kinks in the morning, this serum makes the maintenance SO much easier and my hair is SO much softer. I have also noticed less breakage in the ends of my hair. Kristin recommends using this for blowdrying also. I haven’t given it a try yet, but I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s talking about. 😉 This is a great product if you’re looking for shine and smoothness!

A few things to know before buying:

  • The entire line has a very floral smell. I happen to really like it, but if you’re not too keen on florals I would suggest testing one product out before buying it all!
  • Since these are such awesome products they can be hard to get your hands on. Every time I am at Target I go to the haircare section to take a look at Kristin Ess’s line. Not once have I seen every product in stock at one time! They’re that good!!! So, I recommend going online and reserving the products and doing in-store pickup!
Kristin ess insta
p.s. Kristin Ess featured us on her Insta! Go Check It Out!!!

I REALLY love this line Kristin Ess and Target has come up with. They would be awesome products at double the price but since they’re all under $20 they are an incredible budget  friendly choice! I highly recommend the whole line and I can’t wait to try more. But, if you just want to start out with a few the Dry Shampoo, Working Texture Spray and the Working Serum are my current faves!

Let me know if you decide to try this awesome line!

Thanks for reading babes!





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