My Trick To Bomb EyeBrows

The Good Lord did NOT bless me with beautiful brows. I’ve got zero arch or shape to my eyebrows. They’re just kinda straight and … there. And on top of having naturally boring eyebrows, I’m pretty terrible at sprucing them up. I HATE the “Instagram Brow” look. I like to keep it natural and soft, while still having structure and precision. If this brow newbie can make it work with these products and LOVE the results, you can too! Here are my picks for getting the best brows:

Bomb EyeBrows

Anastasia Dip Brow – $18

Okay, this one is a given. This eyebrow pomade is the bomb! It’s water proof so your brows aren’t going to sweat off in the crazy heat. As I mentioned before I really like to keep my eyebrows natural but, if you really like the bold and “cut” eyebrow look, this product could easily give you that as well. It has a very waxy texture which will keep those crazy hairs in place! The DipBrow comes in 11 different colors, I use the lightest shade, Blonde. I like to use this to give a gentle outline to the inner portion of my brows and to the arch.


Soap & Glory 2 in 1 Archery Sculpt and Set Pencil – $9.59

I picked this lovely product up on a whim after being reallyyy unimpressed with another similar product that came very highly recommended via a blogger friend. I wanted something quick, easy, and natural. BAM! This one’s got it all. This product has both a pencil and a setting gel. The pencil end has an angled, teardrop tip that deposits the most natural and soft pigmentation. The softness of this pencil allows you to really build the kind of brow you’re looking for, whether it be natural or bold. It’s SO easy to use! I love it. The 2nd part to this “2 in 1” product is an “invisible gel”. I have a few tinted brow gels and I really don’t love, or like for that matter, any of them! I can never get them to look natural. So, when I tried this CLEAR gel, I immediately fell in love. It holds your brow hairs alllll day long and it doesn’t smudge the strokes you’ve already made with the pencil end. I really love it. Both ends of this product is awesome on its own but put them together and you’ve got lovely brows that will last you all day. Oh, and if you want to make this product more awesome…you can get it at Target…for under $10!!!

Eylure Brush & Wand Brow Duo – $9.99

Technically this isn’t a “brow product”, but I do believe the tools you use will dramatically affect any look! With my eyebrows, I like to use a very precise brush to make clean and formal strokes, and a spoolie brush to go over them and relax them a bit. THIS TOOL HAS BOTH! I love it, and you need it.

EDIT: I just recently got my brows tinted for the first time. I love it. It darkened them up a bit and allows you to kinda slack off on the days you don’t have time to do your brows! But, I do still use BOTH of these products even with the brow tint – they’re that good!

Thanks for reading about my eyebrow struggles! Let me know if you decide to try these!




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Hey there! I'm Abby. I'm just a blonde girl, with a blog, from a small town. I LOVE fashion and beauty and getting ready. And I am a firm believer in using clothing and makeup to highlight your best features, not mask them. I grew up dancing at a studio and on a team, and now I can't stop! (Thanks Mom). I love getting ready in the mornings and I love dressing to make myself feel good. It gives a certain sense of confidence that I love. I've started this blog with the intentions of sharing all my favorite things style and beauty with the hopes you'll love them too. I also want this blog to help other girls find what gives them confidence. Because there is nothing better than seeing a woman who KNOWS she looks good. Thanks for giving Girl With The Golden Locks a read! xoxo, abby

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