Hey There! Welcome to Girl With The Golden Locks! I’m so happy you’re here, and I hope you will choose to stick around for a while. Here is a little bit about THE girl with the golden locks:

I’m Abby, a 17 year old blonde girl with a blog. I live in a tiny tourist town in beautiful Utah. I love anything striped, peonies, dr. pepper and target. Typical, eh? But I also love creating, dancing, sewing, fashion and blogging of course! I had anticipated starting this blog for YEARS. I’m talking like back in the 6th grade I wanted to be a fashion blogger (what aspirations *eye roll*), but I never had the confidence to do it until my junior year in high school. Which is probably for the best, lol! I’m pretty quiet and reserved, so putting my thoughts out to the world is a huge step for me. Be kind, peeps!!

I basically grew up in a dance studio, and because of this dancing has become an incredibly huge part of my life! It has helped me learn many life lessons, and helped me meet so many new people. I am currently on my high school’s drill team, and I hope to dance in college as well!

I really want to focus this blog on REAL things. Not everybody looks like Beyonce (me included!!!). Some days it takes all we have to get out of bed and get dressed. And not everybody has $800 to drop on a new pair of heels or a new bag (definitely me). Most of the time I’m looking for change in my car to get some french fries… BUT I’m hoping that with this silly blog we BOTH can learn new ways to feel (and look) like a ten. We all are trying to figure out our way in the world. So why not share what we’ve learned so far with each other ? I am not a makeup or fashion expert, but I’m going to share what I know with all of you and hopefully learn something with you along the way! I greatly appreciate you reading GWTGL.

p.s. I have a super cute boyfriend who is serving an LDS mission right now! But I won’t say much more so he doesn’t get embarrassed! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to click on the “Contact” Tab!